Numerology&The Power of 8

Numerology has been known for decades however some people may think its not really that influential in our daily lifes. I myself never thought much of it too much,but i always was curious as that is how i have always been to the Mystical side of things however when i read into it i was … Continue reading Numerology&The Power of 8


Have you tried Yoga?

Yoga has been known for thousands of years& many people today pracitce Yoga for all sorts or reasons such as; Exercise,Anxiety,Depression,Stress,Improving blood circulation,Improved breathing,muscle stiffness/tightness,Spiritual journey and many more reasons.Some people aren't really aware of how healthily beneficial Yoga can be for their body,mind&soul,I was quite shocked when i found out how many health benefits … Continue reading Have you tried Yoga?

The Root Chakra&Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a Crystal mostly used for protection against psychic vampires and their psychic attacks& also negative energy. The Crystal Can help with Grounding and balacing the Root Chakra through meditation,intention and regular use. For years and years people have chosen to carry around a piece of Black Tourmaline in the form of a … Continue reading The Root Chakra&Black Tourmaline

Crystal healing?

Crystal healing has been known for some time now however not everyone believes in how it works. Since we are now in the Age of Aquarius&New Age era a lot more people are opening up too topics to do with Crystals,Alternative Theraphy,Tarot,Wicca etc. Tarot has been know for centuries but a lot of people are … Continue reading Crystal healing?