Crystal healing?


Crystal healing has been known for some time now however not everyone believes in how it works. Since we are now in the Age of Aquarius&New Age era a lot more people are opening up too topics to do with Crystals,Alternative Theraphy,Tarot,Wicca etc. Tarot has been know for centuries but a lot of people are scared at the matter of it,scared to find out if it is true because knowing someones future can be a bit overwhelming too some people and having a card for the present can also be extravagent. Some people use Tarot and Crystals together to help with the energies and higher connection,also it is known widely that placing a Clear Quartz on your Tarot deck can cleanse the cards within readings. Quartz is well known for its healing abilities,such as Amethyst,Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz.These do have all different properties such as Amethyst for Clarity and used on your Crown chakra. Rose Quartz for Love and used on your Heart chakra and Clear Quartz known to be used on the Crown chakra,Third eye and the Soul star chakra.

How Crystals work in some more basic terms are that they carry a vibration,they have been dug up out of the earth and are classed as minerals,they have been tested by their electromagnetic frequency using machines and it has been proven that they carry a frequency,this can be measured using a Crystal oscillator testing the Vibration/Frequency of the Crystal. Here is a diagram below to show how the circuit of a Oscillator works:


Everything carries a Vibrational frequency,the thoughts we think,the music we listen too,the people we socialise with,the environment we are in and even television shows.Vibrations associate a lot with feelings,from spiritual teachers such as Abraham Hicks it is said that one of the most highest vibration is Love and this is the frequency a Rose Quartz is measured at 528Hz,There are meditations on Youtube and things in the world that amplifiy and put out this frequency. It isn’t a coincidence that the Rose Quartz measures that..


I Personally wear a Black tourmaline crystal necklace daily which vibrates at 196Hz, It works to repel negative energy and help with stopping attacks from Psychic Vampires. If you haven’t heard of what a Psychic Vampire is and are thinking what are they?..

Then i will elaborate. They are people who suck the energy out of other people and use their energy as their own,hence the term Vampire&physically doing this through the power of thought and contact with them,they have quite a low frequency so it is understandable how they try to feed energy off of others, especially empaths as they are more prone to feeling other peoples emotions.

I Myself have used an Anandalite aka Aurora Quartz,which is known as a high vibration Crystal. I placed the Crystal on my third eye and said some words for the Crystal healing ritual,this was a Crystal healing ritual to release myself of old thought forms,soul contracts and belief systems that no longer serve me no more. The Crystals energy was moving round and round my Third eye chakra at a steady pace like a Vortex of energy. I was feeling a cooling feeling and the feeling of its vibration and the whole Crystal moving around in a circle,I couldn’t believe at first what i was experiencing however being in the moment i had no choice not to believe it,It was happening in front of me!

Once i finished using the Crystal and took it off my Third eye chakra I felt a nice cold breathe like fresh air feeling on the chakra and i felt Joyful,ecstatic and had a small appifiny of realisation at the time that i didn’t need to rush myself with things,just do my best to be happy and the rest will come because manifestation takes place,Have you ever noticed how when you are sad or angry things all start to seem like they are going wrong? It’s because your vibration is lower and you are more intolerable to things you would tolerate if your vibrational frequency was high. Also when you keep thinking an angry thought or sad thought for a long period of time manifestion comes in and manifests more of what you don’t want as the mainfestation (aka Law of attraction) doesn’t know the difference between what you don’t want and what you do want unless you make it clear! Focusing on what you don’t want and the low frequency emotion you are feeling will bring more undoubful experiences.

When i was heading out i was enjoying listening to my music feeling happy and smiling,my vibration was high! I went to the road and the car stopped straight away,the other side of the road there was a car and that car stopped straight away too. I got to the bus stop and the bus stopped as soon as i got there and i was thinking wow everything is going really good for me today this is really amazing,I could notice how much of an impact raising your vibration can have on your perspective of life and the day itself.

I will be writing a few posts about Crystals on my blog,for other information on what you could possibly see look in my ‘About me :)’ Section.

Jade Dawson, 2016© ™ ♥


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