The Root Chakra&Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline is a Crystal mostly used for protection against psychic vampires and their psychic attacks& also negative energy. The Crystal Can help with Grounding and balacing the Root Chakra through meditation,intention and regular use.

For years and years people have chosen to carry around a piece of Black Tourmaline in the form of a rock/tumblestone,In a pendant necklace and even inside their own how for protection from negative energy such♥ as neighbours,potential burgulars and to keep the energy balanced.

In Feng Shui the Chinese say it is good Feng Shui to place a big piece of Black Tourmaline near the front of their homes for these purposes and balance water energies (emotions,cleansing and purity etc). Feng Shui has been a traditional Chinese method for balancing the Tai and Chi energy around the house and it is even taken into consideration their door numbers of the properties they choose,all this is for good luck,prosperity,good health and so on.

Crystal healers usually carry atleast one protective stone with them when they heal someone or to do their own practices at home and the most popular is Black Tourmaline.  I Strongly agree the stone is very powerful and does help a great deal by repelling negative energies and for self protection.  I wear a Black Tourmaline Pendant around my neck with a Clear Quartz Crystal attached above it and every time i exit my house i use a Selenite Wand to cleanse my body and my Chakras of Negative Energy and cleanse my Pendant and i have found there has been no Negative Energy or little to none and none has affected me! All i get now is smiles,good conversation and feel as if other peoples energy field barely have a negative impact on me because of this stone and my energy in general.

Keeping a piece of Black Tourmaline near electronics such as your mobile phone,computer or television can help suck up EMF energy which is Called Electromagnetic field energy. As we are highly affected by this type of energy becuse of the electromagnetic waves being emmitted from the devices and the fact that it is even powerful enough these waves for us to be advised not to use electronics atleast 2 hours before bed as it makes the brain waves more stimulated&effects circadin and melatonin rhythms our brains&bodies create. High exposure to EMF waves can affect ourselves strongly spirtually also,such as in our Astral Plane body and through some of the Higher Chakras such as Soul Star and Earth Star. When wanting to analyse a dream meaning defiantly watching television or going on the internet before sleeping can alter the dream as your subconcious is taking this in,then you are not being shown in the dream from your subconcious messages that can help you grow,heal,progress from dealing with issues and situations.                                                                                                        Even in Psychology in the practice of CBT (Cognitive behavioural theraphy) They advise to not use electronics 2 hours before sleeping because of the stimulation from the devices.I don’t condome in CBT as an effective method in its whole for issues such as Anxiety&Depression but i defiantly agree that for sleep the tips given by these methods are very effective and good for your mind.




Now back to the Root Chakra…. It is important to keep grounded as people who are very ungrounded can manage to attain entities into their energy fields that attach to people who live in fear. From personal experience i had about 3 Earth Bound Entities hooked onto my energy field because i was living in fear. It is nothing to be severley afraid of,you can release them back home to where they belong with help from searching online or a Mediums help. The Earth Bound Entities that were attached with me were young and wanted to go back home to their mother. The Entites were still Earth Bound because they passed away on Earth and didn’t have enough strength to release themselves home so with someone that lives in fear they can easily attach and drain the energy from the person. I had Reiki Healing performed on me also when i found out and i felt a bit sick after they left which is not uncommon,people respong in different ways,I drank lots of water to detoxify my body and felt quite a lot of negative fear based energy leave my body,also not to forget Stress as that is what Reiki Healing is most common for. The Root Chakra if unbalanced or blocked can show symptoms of Anxiety in someone and symptoms of Depression,so it is important to focus on your Chakras and be aware if one may seem not as balanced or open as you would like so you can alter your Vibration,Wellbeing,Mind&Body. Meditations such as visualisation of the Earths roots coming from your feet into Mother Earth,Time in Nature and Crystals affliated with the Root Chakra and the Element Earth are good ways to help with grounding and connectedness to Earth itself.

I am not saying that Chakra cleansing alone can help with all issues,however it is a great way to start and it is a daily thing, as you can go out and feel embarrased and low in self-esteem due to something that hapened in the day so you would need to work on the Solar Plexus chakra for confidence. It is not one thing like you balance them once then they are balanced forever,It would be great if it was like that but then life would have no challenges and obstacles to overcome so would there then be a reason to come here? I believe we come here to learn,feel emotions,experience things on this planet then eventually we can either Reincarnate or go to any realm of our choice,even stay down here on Earth as our vibrational energy spirit,there are so many pathways afterwords and who are we to know if we haven’t already reincarnated over 100 times and this could be our chance to get it right this time or succesfully attain what we came here for and have another exciting reincarnation again.

Angels feel one of the Highest Vibrations.. Pure Love! I bet they sometimes get tired of feeling the same thing continously because when someone feels one emotion for so long no matter how good it is they would like to experience something new. They watch over us and think WOW i would love to feel that,I would love to experience that. We look to angels (who believe in them) that, WOW feeling the vibration of Love is amazing and of Joy,however with the Angels they appreciate all emotions of different Vibrations and would love to feel more than one emotion. Seeing as Angels radiate High Vibrational Energy and so do a lot of Crystals,Angels energy can be inside these Crystals and there have even been so many reports of receiving messages from Angels from the uses of Crystals and by asking them to connect,this is known as Clairaudience which a lot of people are capable of and training the ability can open up a lot of doors for their spiritual and mental growth.  Angels can also show messages through repeating number patterns,feathers being around,things you read and something you watch so on. When you get that gut feeling also know as Intuition and feel very hot or very cold,get possible goosebumps or even smell a scent of flowers or an old perfume when there is none to be seen this is also a sign from Angels. There is also Angel Oracle cards and forms of Tarot where you can connect with angels and Higher Vibrations and not to forget your own energy to gather insight or answers.


Incase you are wondering how to look up Angel numbers yourself,here is a site i commonly use which is very accurate and gives me a sense of Joy and hope from the Angels:                                                 Angel oracle cards i reccomend would be by Doreen Virtue and are very easy to use,they also come with a booklet of the meanings and can be looked more in depth online i believe.

We are all made up of Energy&Strardust, we are children of the Universe and Spirit. We are all made of the same energy though people decide sometimes to fault another? Why fault another unless they are doing a wrong doing to you or people around them? Everyone is here for their own journey and i respect that and respect everyone as long as i gain respect in return. One of the Universal Laws is to give and receive so i like to use this concept with respect,kindness etc. What you give out comes back so if we all gave out kindness eventually the world would be so kind,however for a GOOD to be possible there always has to be an opposite unfortunately,but that is what helps growth. Dancing in the dark times of life and being shown a bright light.. YOU,The Universe,Friends&Family around you,even an animal can be that bright light cheering you on in your darkest times or moments.

I Will finish the post off by discussing ways of cleansing Crystals and recharging them:

(In Green will be the ones i personally prefer myself)


  •  You can Cleanse Crystals in Water with sea salt

  • In a stream of Water (even from the tap)

  • Burying it underground in soil over night then un-burying it the next day

  • With Intention

  • With Sage

  • Holding the Crystal on a Tree,stating the intention and asking Mother Earth to Cleanse the Crystal.



  • Placing in Sunlight for 8 hours

  • Placing under Moonlight overnight (Full moon&New moon phase is best however any phase is alright)

  • Through projecting positive thoughts and intentions

  • Meditation

  • Energy visualisations

  • Energy Grids



Root Chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit)





Jade Dawson, 2016© 






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