Have you tried Yoga?

Yoga has been known for thousands of years& many people today pracitce Yoga for all sorts or reasons such as; Exercise,Anxiety,Depression,Stress,Improving blood circulation,Improved breathing,muscle stiffness/tightness,Spiritual journey and many more reasons.Some people aren’t really aware of how healthily beneficial Yoga can be for their body,mind&soul,I was quite shocked when i found out how many health benefits it has. Some are even not aware that quite frequently some stretches&workouts involve use of Yoga poses without you even knowing it!

Postures such as Back bend (Wheel),Shoulder stand,Camel pose,Headstand,Runners lunge are just some examples that have been shown in gymnastics,just having fun&stretches during or before a workout. If people learnt to corelate their breathing with these moves they would be doing a moving meditation which i myself find very rejuvenating,vitalising and really does boost my energy,state of mind and wellbeing.


When you start off on practicing Yoga i strongly suggest you do not try Downward facing dog straight away! It is one of the most commonly known poses but if you have stiff muscles and this is your first time trying yoga you may either fall straight to the ground or make your muscles hurt more. Yoga is about working with your own body&listening to what your body is telling you without stressing the muscles out. Being able to demonstrate postures in time,time really helps i must say.

When i first tried Downward facing dog myself i held the posture for 3 seconds then fell straight to the ground and that was accompanied with muscle pain,I also know another lady that did this too and i then explained why and she was relieved it wasen’t her being able not to do the posture ever,all in good time.I assure you that a few weeks of practicing yoga either every day or every other day you will be amazed at what postures you can do from remembering when you first started off and will have a more healthier state of being.

With People who have anxiety disorders/issues&depression i really can say this does give you a sense of acheivement and helps you get in the process of not getting things done straight away.Often people with anxiety want things right/perfect straight away and i really think this helps improve the sense of realisation that things take time and how you can see how much you improve over time with Yoga is how people can improve with managing their anxiety. Such as a few weeks ago someone with anxiety could have a hard time controlling sweating,a few weeks or a month later that may be an issue dealt with!Exercise increases Dopamine&Serotonin levels also so you defiantly will get the natural chemical acheivement&happy chemicals flooding through your body and who doesn’t like to be happy? That is my goal and i am sure that’s a lot of peoples goals.

I myself have realised sitting around waiting for things to get better without trying new things gets you in a constant frequency of vibration of waiting,when you could be doing something and trying your best& taking time to try your best to relax. Have you ever paid attention to a boiling kettle waiting for the water to be ready and how long it sometimes feels to take the kettle to boil? Have you also realised if you put your attention upon something else like another task while the kettle is boiling,the kettle seems to boil quicker than you thought? Well thats what keeping out of the waiting frequency feels like,things get done quicker by doing something.

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to take up Yoga it is very beneficial and can really rejevunate your whole body,however take it at your own pace,work with your body,don’t do anything that your body says no to so their will be no strains involved.

I would recomend on youtube to do yoga at home Yoga with Adriene’ she does free yoga videos and workshops& really has an uplifting energy. I also recommend ‘Fightmaster Yoga’,I currently myself practice one of her 30 minute Yoga sessions which gives me a sense of accomplishment,upliftment,vitalised energy and relaxation.I really feel these are the two Yoga instructors that assist me in the practice to/by connecting with my higher self,I also use Yoga straps in my practice sometimes to strengthen my hamstring muscles and it really gives my legs a sense of relaxation,relief and like they are floating endlessley in soft fluffy clouds.

There are many types of Yoga to try so its amazing how great the ammount of choice out there!

Hatha Yoga,Vinyasa Yoga,Kundalini Yoga,Bikram Yoga (also known as Hot Yoga),Iyengar Yoga&Many more.. ( I have chosen the types of Yoga i am aware of to write about).

Hatha Yoga includes: Postures,breathwork and meditation,It is one of the most popular known practices of Yoga and is also great for beginners!

Vinyasa Yoga: Focuses on co-ordinating your breathing with posture movements which can really help mindfulness and works as a moving meditation with all the benefits of Yoga! This is one of my favourites as you inhale in your own time when doing a set posture then exhale into the next part of the posture or next posture. This type of yoga is more of a psychically active one also which contains less sitting down.

Kundalini Yoga: I have never tried this type of Yoga before however the practice concentrates on awakening the Kundalini energy which is contained at the base of your spine and drawing it upward to inhibit spiritual realisations,balanced energy and enlightenment. This practice of Yoga not only includes postures but chanting,meditation and breathing exercises.

Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga): Hot Yoga includes being in a class where the room is heated to a high heat of 40degrees celsius and above as the heat helps loosen the muscles more so you can more easily and quickly get into different postures as this is a more faster type of Yoga and more physical. (This also helps to sweat out toxins from the body)  The heat is imitated in the room to stimulate Indias hot heat as where Yoga was originated. I recently attended a class for this type of Yoga and everyone in the class was sweating so much and were advised to take a sip of water every set of postures due to the heat and sweat. The class was very lively,vitalising and made me feel really alive! An hour and 30 minutes of this type of Yoga in a heated room like that sure makes you feel like you really have accomplished something as when i first personally went into the class i thought how am i going to continue this session for that long amount of time in this heat? Needless to say the time went very quick and made me very mindful of the present moment&I had no mind chattering going on,only living in the now.

Iyengar Yoga: This type promotes strength,fleibility,endurance and balance through the coordinated breathing and postures that require precise body alignment. The poses are held longer than most types of yoga for about a minute each while slowly moving into the pose,then resting for a few breathes and stretching into another. Equipment such as cushions,blankets,yoga blocks and yoga straps help any less flexibility to be worked with and improve the muscles flexibility in your own time. These postures include Hatha yoga postures with the use of the Yoga equipment i just mentioned above.

If you decide to take up Yoga enjoy! My next time i post on this blog will either be to do with Metaphysics,Crystals,Yoga or something Mystical.

Follow for more posts,Namaste. 

Love and light xoxo ~






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