The 8th House~ Astrology



The 8th house in Astrology is astrologically ran by Scorpio, which is a water sign so this is a Water house.

The 8th house is known of the house of death& re-birth/transformation, sex, drugs, money/taxes/losses. The 8th house also can show interest in the occult&areas of psychology, as this is the ruled house of Scorpio and can instigate more emotion or passion in these areas of your life’s where a planet is placed here. I have known many 8th house people who like delving down into the depths of the dark and exploring their own psyche and others and being seen as a bit of a more darker person but, with great depth of emotion such as someone having their moon (emotions/needs) placed in this house or their sun (personality/ego).
This house is normally feared among some astrologers and so is the 12th house, however, there is so much potential for transformation, releasing karma&learning lessons from the 8th and 12th Houses.
This house is like a cousin to the 12th house, this is what commonly is said being both water houses and going deep into yourself.
It’s like this… The 8th house hides your inner passions and addictive tendencies and also by looking at your 8th house placement it can signify very high interest in sex if their even is a planet placed here. People with dominant 8th house placements can find themselves addicted/high interest in sex, drugs, prone to accidents& surgeries, occult topics and intense emotions. Each planet placement can determine different energy is inflicted into your personality.
For this article I will be describing planets in the 8th House, I have picked four to write about which will be The Moon, Sun,Venus and Mars.



Someone with an 8th house moon may be very emotionally intense and carry interest in subjects such as occultism, emotions, mystical, abuse, sex, death, loss and there is also deep sensitivity to areas involving taboo.They may have to dig up painful memories from the past to grow and to realize forms of karma for their mental, physical,emotional&spiritual growth. Unharmonious or Strong inharmonious aspects to the Moon may indicate an emotional conflict in separations and perhaps becoming entangled in power-games but,  they will instinctively explore all that is forbidden, hidden and mysterious and there may be some amazing psychic ability. Their overwhelming need is to feel intense and probe the dark depths of their being, and those with this placement often possess strong healing techniques, powerful gut instincts and nurture growth in others. The Moon in this position of the horoscope possesses an awareness of danger and an over-protective instinct, and on an emotional level, responds in a deep, sexual level within partnerships. The Moon is ruled by Cancer and when placed here is harmonious as this is its natural home, take into account the sign of your 8th house for further insight and the elemental energy from the sign.
When a sign is placed with its ruler this creates harmony and more power to the placements energies.

Water= Emotional,Empathetic,Psychic abilities,Receptive.
Air= Social, Clever, Fair, Versatile.
Fire= Self-assured,Creative,Fun,Intuition.
Earth= Practical,Concentrated force,Sensations,Grounded.



Someone with an 8th house sun can come off as more Scorponic as their sun is placed in Scorpios natal house, they have deep desires and are strong willed.They are illuminating the obscure meanings of death, sex and the occult. For them, power is very important while sex is a mystical experience of death and rebirth. They like to explore the meaning of life and finding answers about what comes after death. This placement attracts a lot of supernatural experiences, and many of them are permanently transforming them. Everything that is unexplored or taboo for the masses, fascinates them and attracts them. This is also a reason for the masses to slightly fear them, or consider them morbid and dark.
A person with the Sun in the 8th house will have a lot of transforming re-birth of their psyche and personality, these lives can be experienced either one after the other, or even simultaneously. It feels like being an actor in different movies, and because every movie has different surroundings and concept, the native is a totally different person in each one. While transcending from the one life to the other, the person can experience powerful dissolutions of his ego, and each death of his temporary persona is simulating real death. An 8th house Sun person has many ways of simulating death, in order to get acquainted with the biggest mystery and prepare himself to experience it. Other people might think that such natives are not afraid of death. Of course, this is not a right view. People with Sun in the house of death, are either consciously or unconsciously following the eastern Orthodox proverb:
“Die before you die, so that you don’t die when you die.”
Large amounts of wealth can come in their hands after the death of their father, or another father figure. It is very frequent that they lose their father while they are still young in age. When the Sun is in Leo sign, then most times the native’s father dies from a heart attack as Leo rules the Heart. They are very magnetic and seductive; their sexuality is as intense as a Scorpio’s. The Sun in the latter part of the 8th house makes sex a religion for them. Such people are feeling becoming gods through sexual activities, and are also creating a God/Goddess of their partner. For them, eroticism is art, expression and meditation. Their bed is an altar, and every sexual act is a ritual. The same attributes appear to people that have the Sun in the first part of the 8th house, with the difference that they are concentrating on their partner, and not on the idea itself. Their sexual evolution is strongly connected with bonding to their significant other (ruled by the 8th house). They are aiming in uniting the two souls into one body and reaching the perfect creature by abolishing duality. On the other hand, whoever has his Sun near the 9th house cusp is more interested in higher and more abstract meanings about sex, which makes less necessary the unification with one particular other soul.
The 8th house is a gateway to the other realms, and when one’s Sun resides in the house it can grant him/her psychic abilities as this is a water house and I stated above Water has psychic abilities. The native is very perceptive and his intuition is usually right. They can read people through peering in their eyes, and are very difficult to trick or swindle due to strong defences. Sun in the 8th house makes a person suspicious, with paranoiac tendencies. Their emotions can reach enormous heights. The 8th house Sun people are born ready.
I know someone with an 8th house sun and I must say he really was interested in sex a lot and from other people it would seem he just wants that because he is a guy but it was deeper than that its what made him feel like two people connecting together on a godly level and did inhibit a lot of paranoia. I always noticed a lot of Scorpio energy from him and when I found out he had an 8th house sun and moon it made a lot of sense. He also transformed a few times in his life from going to prison a few times and being involved with different friend groups and situations that gave him life like re-birth experiences.

Ruler of Sun=Leo.



With Venus in the 8th house, the gentle light of Venus illuminates such a dark house, all of the above are receiving a pleasant and even artistic hue. Venus is the planet of love and attraction, it is natural that natives with such placements desire deep relationships and soul bonding. The 8th house rules sex, but not the casual type that is mostly done for fun. Casual sex is more an issue of the 5th house, which is responsible for all small happy moments and joy. The 8th house is strongly connected to the unconscious levels of the person, and sex represented here is of a deeper kind, the one that blends and bonds, creates soul-to-soul love relationships, and breaks down the borders of the ego.
Venus in the 8th brings deep and intense emotions which are very good however can make the individual more of the jealous type because of this placement. Their jealousy can reach dangerous levels at times.When the Moon is also forming a difficult aspect/unharmonious with the two, moodiness and unpredictable behaviours due to its quick movement in the zodiac cycle can bring a lot of turbulence in the person’s emotional life. Possessiveness can be totally out of control, leading the person to extreme actions of despair when he feels that his love life is threatened.
It is very common for them to have zero patience with their partner when wanting them to show emotional, body and material pleasures as Venus wants to know she feels loved and since Venus is placed in the 8th house natally ran by Scorpio their love can have a Scorponic feel to it and its emotional needs in love.
Having Venus in the house of death can bring a very pleasant ending to one’s life. It is often peaceful, in beautiful surroundings, giving happy last moments with people they love. This pattern can even signify closing your eyes in the arms of your beloved person. On the other hand, if Venus is very badly aspect by malefic, there are even possibilities of dramatic losses in love. This does not have to be a physical loss, but rather a symbolical one, where the adored partner either abandons the owner of the chart or seizes to have the loving role that he/she once used to have.
Those who are born with this placement, have a natural charm that sexually attracts large numbers of people. Many people would not even understand what is that which pulls them towards the native because Venus is hiding in the depths of this mysterious house. Even if the person is not physically attractive, he will see that there exists some strange kind of magnetism from him towards others, running below the surface and from their energy.
The partners preferred by them are those with a dangerous aura, mysterious and dark. They need them to be irresistible, seductive, and preferably wealthy, money is an aphrodisiac for such kind of people and luxury appeals to them a lot. There is a high possibility of attraction towards personalities that are engaged in occult work.
One subjects that the natives with an 8th house Venus should be careful of is being manipulative. By seeing how easy it is for them to attract people, they tend to use them for their purposes. Self-control in this, and also in jealousy issues, will grant the owner of the chart a better functioning 8th house and enhance the energy of Venus. By checking which house cusps fall into Taurus and Libra, one can see which other sectors of his life will be strengthened if Venus energy is channelled in a good way. Also, over-indulging in other people’s money can become a problem, because an 8th house Venus can get used to their presence easily and take them for granted. Other ways to help Venus energy flow is Dancing, Theatre and other performances of body and soul as Venus rules these kinds of activities and can help channel good energy in the right direction, this will also increase their libido and self-love.

Ruler of Venus= Taurus and Libra.




An Individual with Mars in the 8th house expresses intense desires, feelings and acts strongly on their feelings. They are often pulled into dangerous areas and usually have to face some kind of life and death struggle either literal or metamorphic. The person may show courage, strength and daring in the face of finality but, can also feel overpowered by a fate that is cruelly intervening.
The 8th house is tagged with words such as death, drama, crisis and trauma.It concerns itself with the resources of others, and the losses occurred through betrayal. This house also deals with intimate relationships and the psychological baggage we bring from the past into our love life. As Mars is placed in a water house, it houses deep feelings linked to the unconscious. Many times, we find that Mars can act on the unconscious, and the emotions are hidden deep that are not resolved, rise to the surface.
Mars brings conflict into personal relationships concerning shared resources, wills, legacies, fights about intimacy, sex and emotions. The individual goes to war if anything threatens their sense of security, and there is a horrible feeling that people are just taking what they want. In the 8th house, we find many embattled couples, and it is often the ‘let it rip’ house and where many a partnership’s fate is tested.
The dark side of courtship involves marital troubles/relationship troubles of all kinds such as violence, sexual exploitation and difficult family relationships. Through Pluto’s house, we may also unconsciously provoke our partner into a confrontation because something in us wants to transform old patterns and heal the hurt. When Mars is in the 8th house the native may be battling the dangerous elements of life and is forced to survive.One of the main challenges has to do with boundaries and fighting for independence in the face of threats, manipulation, and the power of another. Anger gets repressed and they shut the lid on Mars. However, Mars cannot be kept down forever, and will eventually explode from bottled up anger for so long. Mars in the 8th house has a powerful link to sexual abuse in the chart and some painful issues from childhood may have to be dealt with openly.
Sex may be an important part of their life and Mars needs to act out its sexual desires.They are turned on by power and passion and have powerful gut instincts such as high intuition and usually, act on them. They also have some self-destructive tendencies which should be managed so they don’t get out of control. Self-destructive tendencies such as alcohol or drug abuse, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders and living too much on the edge.
Lady Diana had Mars in the 8th house and died in a fatal car accident. John F. Kennedy was assassinated on a car journey with this same position. Marilyn Monroe also had Mars in the 8th house; she revealed abuse early in childhood.
Death is not the most common aspect of this house, but the intervention of fated events is familiar. These events seem to arise from a direct correlation with the unconscious and from all the emotions that have been buried deep inside.
Mars in the 8th house may be inexplicably drawn to the occult and spiritual aspects of their being. The person actively seeks out mysteries and explores the nature of transformation. They can help others in need of change, healing and who are searching for the strength it takes to let go of something deeply painful. Part of their purpose is to discover their own personal power and to help others find their capacity, desire and live out their full potential.
There is an intensity about you, this can be expressed in certain ways – sex, wheeling and dealing, dangerous activities, or anything that makes you feel close to the edge, in touch with the core of life. The occult, the astral plane and any site of power exercises a pull on you. In other words, you are desirous of getting in touch with forces greater than yourself. This is fine as long as you are conscious of this and exercise some caution – but not too much. Paradoxically, a fear of these forces can prevent you from getting what you want.

Ruler of Mars- Aries and Scorpio.
Put it this way: You are turned on by power – and powerful when turned on.





I have Mars in the 8th house myself and this is what gave me the interest to compose this article and this aspect of my chart interests me so much for its 8th house position and the sign it is in for me.
I have Mars in the 8th house in Leo at 19 degrees which is next to the constellation of a bear which means violence, bravery etc and I continue to look up more about my 8th house placement and have uncovered truths about my life all the way through my chart and especially this placement. I have experienced self-destructive tendencies such as substance/drug abuse&self harm in my younger years and also an eating disorder and this is why I know it is important to control yourself.Channelling Mars energy into some more powerful activities and activities that get your adrenaline running healthily and safely such as running, working out, boxing and since my placement is in Leo something i can feel very proud of and increase my ego a bit however i have had an ego death and it is what i needed.
In my experience living with this placement i can say we have a high sex drive and do like to put ourselves in dangerous settings even sometimes without thinking it is dangerous but do access the power most of the time to deal with these kinds of situations. Since Leo is here for me this is great oppotunity to release past life karma with this placement. The Past life energy that i do remember and re-call is Piscean energy which is situated on my descending node which is how you can find your past life energies in an astrology chart at 29degrees…on The cusp of Pisces-Aquarius,I don’t recall any Aquarian energy from my past life but when i do Past life regression again i will ask my higher mind these questions. Since my chart has a stellium (4 planets or more) In Virgo in the 9th house having Pisces past life energy creeping through can be channeling but a very growing and releasing of karma experience in life, I believe from being Pisces dominant in some sense in a past life i completely understand why i would like to experience the opposite in my next life (Virgo) so i can see life from another point of view and i know my soul always wants to try something completely different to learn.

Next i will be writing about either: 5D Ascension, Angels,Numerology or Metaphysics.
Comment below to give me an idea what you would all like to read about next& i would like to thank you all for enjoying my Numerology article which got the highest feedback on my posts so far and if this is what you are interested in reading about i would defiantly love to write more about Numerology as i love the subject myself and you all do too!

Love and light~ xoxo




      Jade Dawson 2016©


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  1. This is so well written! I have almost all my planets in the eight house and your analysis is brilliant. Looking forward to your new articles! All the topics you mentioned sound interesting.

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    1. I didn’t include this in the article but, due to your request I can apply Mercury into this same article when I have finished that-as, i will be working on it shortly now. I hope you enjoyed reading Maggie.


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