About me. :)


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I am Jade Dawson and this blog will be about my journey to share with you all,I plan to post more however will be focusing more on studies and using the site for my Alternative Healing services.

I am 18 years old, I have an interest in Astrology and have been self studying for 2 with knowing a lot about it from the years of growing up and dabbling in ‘mystical’ subjects such as Wicca,Astral Project,Reading about Vampirism from the age of about 11. I have always been interested in the mystical unknown and had a lot of time when growing up to be alone with my thoughts and be in my own world.With the help of the internet when growing up i was able to access so much information and even remembered going to different dimensions as a child and seeing auras… This will be discussed in a post however as the experience is very extraordinary and would be quite a good post!

My Journey will include coping with GAD&Depression and will focus on positivity,Things that have helped me and articles that i will write to do with topics such as:

  • New Age

  • Astrology

  • Numerology

  • Metaphysical&The Occult

  • Spiritual era

  • My Thoughts

  • Exercise

  • GAD&Depression

  • Food

  • Positivity!

My aim is to become a Holisitic/alternative healer in many different therapies,give Astrology readings and Oracle/Tarot card readings,I also would like to include one to one counselling 🙂 .

If any of you have heard the term of an Empath,Empaths have powerful healing abilities when training their energy,emotions and working on their spiritual gifts,me wanting to be a crystal healer i think could even help myself while helping other people. I would love to be able to see a smile on someones face and them being happy that i have come into contact with them, to help them It gives me so much joy being able to help and make someone happy,to assist them in their journey while i am continuing my journey.

I Usually enjoy going out in Nature,Reading,Practicing Yoga,Exercising and Watching Anime.